Colour Consultation

By Karen Weiner-Mayar, owner of Idealspace Design

Colour schemes present a challenge for many homeowners. Not only do colours have to be chosen, but they have to be used or applied in such a way that the flow between rooms feels smooth and natural. While opting for a basic, neutral light beige
or off-white may seem like the easiest way to go, it actually can present more challenges in creating a properly “finished” look to a space.


The obvious is to look at the furniture and accessories that you have and use colours from there to create your over-all colour scheme. But it is just as easy, and much
more inspiring, to develop a colour scheme based on something that speaks to you; it could be a vacation photo, a floral arrangement, or even your favorite outfit.

When choosing paint colours, squint at the swatches you are considering. If one stands out from the others, try replacing it with a colour of a brightness more similar to the others.


■ Complimentary: two colours opposite each other on the colour wheel, such as yellow and purple.
■ Analogous: a group or pair of colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel.
■ Triadic: three colours evenly spaced around the colour wheel.
■ Monochromatic: various tints, shades or tones of the same colour.

Keep monochromatic colour schemes to one room only; if used in multiple adjacent rooms, the result will be boring and repetitive.


One of the most common mistakes with colour use in decor is treating each adjacent room completely uniquely; this results in a very choppy aesthetic and can even feel a bit disconcerting. Use repetition in ways to create a smooth transition, such as keeping all doors and trim the same colour. Especially in rooms that are visible to each other, maintain your colour scheme, but re-proportion the use of the colours. For example, if Colour A is your main colour in the kitchen, and Colour B is your accent colour, use Colour A as the accent in your dining room and Colour B as the main colour. Not only will this create a very pleasing affect, but it offers the added benefit of being able to use certain accessories interchangeably between the two rooms.

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